About us and why...

Hello - welcome, and thank you for dropping in :-) We are Lars and Ingelise, and we have worked with dogs for more than 38 years. First with working dogs like Dobermann and Shepherds, but after all these years with competitions and shows, we would like to slow down a bit, so we choose to start a breed of Jack Russell Terrier's, which we have observed for a long time - well, so much for the level of activity :-)
We founded the kennel in 2004 and have now 17 years experience in breeding Jack Russell Terrier. They are very quick learners and loves to work. We use them to schweiss tracks in the big plantations here in the western Jutland. They have a fantastic good nose. Besides being a fantastic family dog, it can in addition to tracking, be used for a wide range of activities where the whole family can participate.

It will allways be a "small" breed with few puppies. Our kennel is on the planned level, with 2-3 females in breeding and a male - just for the noise :-)
Primary, we want some healthy and social puppies as the result of the work and the target is to make puppies, where health, a good temper and exterior is united, and where quality is preferred before quantity. In other words, it will be a breeding, where there will be room and time to take care of the dogs and mark the puppies, is as good as possible.

You can read more about our target for our breeding in our breeding strategy - you can read about it right here, or find it by pressing the button "Breeding Strategy" to the left.

The household are for the moment represented by us and our 4 Jack Russells - Hodja, Chanel, Havana and Megan. They are of course living with us in the house as a natural part of the family.

The JRT are a robust and healthy little dog, and they are not disposed for any chronic diseases, but anyway are all dogs Kennel Jackstars are using for breed Eye checked (ECVO), and tested for Patella Luxation and Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) to be sure, that we not inadvertently brings any of these problems further in the breed.
We got our Kennel Name in May 2004 - what you can see right here - and we have both in April 2005 completed DKK's Education for Breeders to increase our knowledge to selection and breeding.
In addition to this, Ingelise has the 15. april 2018 completed the superstructure of the Breeder Education, so our Kennel now also are the holder of the Dog Keeper Education. You can find her diploma by pressing the button "Education" on the left side of the site. Here you will also find the rest of our documentation for our educations.

Below you can see some of the playground for the dogs: