Breeding strategy for Kennel Jackstars


The purpose of Kennel Jackstars breeding strategy, is to maintain the breed's original purpose and natural behaviour, and continousely improve exterior, health and mental and social characteristics of our breeding of Jack Russell Terriers, so our breed without any problems can operate by the families, and can be used for for a wide range of activities.

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Action plans

All dogs in breeding by Kennel Jackstars is tested and found free of:

To the extent possible, this will also apply to the males we use externaly, as a partner to our females.

All dogs Kennel Jackstars use in breeding are regularly checked by our veterinarian in connection to the continuousely vaccination program and check of the females under pregnancy.

All puppies are health checked and fully vaccinated by our veterinarian before delivery against:

Kennel Jackstars has a permanent veterinarian attached to the Kennel.

Social characteristics
We ensure through intensive socialisation of the puppies, from their birth until they leave us 8 weeks old, that they will be able to function perfectly, both as a family dog and as a working dog, with their new owners.

We ensure on selection of the temperament of the dogs in breeding at Kennel Jackstars, both males and females, that the breeds congeniality and natural behavior is retained.

All dogs Kennel Jackstars use in breeding, is rated by several judges at both international and national exhibitions in both by DKK and DTK and abroad, to ensure as broad assessment of our dog's exterior and behavior as possible. Dogs who fail to obtain a 2. price will not be used for breeding.

Matador breeding
In order to guarentee the genetic variation in general, the males which have reach the limit of matador breeding for the Jack Russell Terrier, will not be used in our breeding. The individual males limit of matador breeding will be checked on the Hundeweb database before mating in each case.

We allways carry out a fictional mating in Hundewebs database before physical mating to ensure, that the inbreeding coefficient does not exceed DKK's recommendation of 6.25%. Kennel Jackstars aim the inbreeding coefficient of the selected breeding combination to be as low as possible, and preferably at 0%. This is not allways possible, due to the high concentations of breeding of individual males, but we do what we can to avoid inbreeding.

Kennel Jackstars
25. June 2015