This is how puppies grow up by Kennel Jackstars

There is many ways you can let your puppies grow up. We will here try to describe how it's done by us. No one says that it not can be done in many other ways, but the puppies that are destributed from Kennel Jackstars, has all been very well functioning with their families - and they still do.
We have max. one litter a year, some times less than that, so the puppies gets every opportunity to develope into what is the purpose with our breeding - namely to get some healthy, social and well functioning puppies out of our efforts. Here is it first of all the interest for the dogs that keep us going!

We ensure that the female is comfortable with the surroundings, and that she is accustomed to her birthing box. The days before the birth, she sleeps in the box, get her food in the box, and there are alltogether been taken a bit more care of her than in the everyday.

She is not alone when she is going to have her puppies. Ingelise sleeps with her in one of our rooms in the days before the birth, and some days after the puppies has arrived, just to be sure that everything is going well and to help if necesarry. Usually are the female much better to everything than we are, so there is not much to do, but if the bad luck is present and there are complications, it can be a question of minutes between succes and failure.

Besides the birthing box, she has a little fencing to stay in - not to keep her inside, but the little fence is indispensable when the puppies grows and begin to explore the world. They can now do that without getting into trouble.

Everything is a few days after the birth moved into our kitchen, where the other dogs of the house curious is following the big mystery in the puppybox. Our female is used to the other dogs, and later "the other dogs" will be the puppies first meeting with their own kind. The puppies "address" the rest of the time they are with us, will be in the kitchen where we actually are most of the time.

From the first day the puppies is accustomed to a radio that is playing low music - also when we not are present. This way the puppies are never "alone". Our experience is, that this has a good influence to the puppies.

The first 3 weeks, the mother takes care of the puppies without any significant involvement from us. They are in hand every day, their nails is cut for the first time when they are about a fortnight old and just have begun to glimpse the world around them.

The puppy box is arranged so the mother can go to and from the box as she wish. At this time, the birthing box is removed and the puppies has more room to move around. When the small "pigs" begin to eat by themself, it is not necesarry that she is there all the time, and when they reach the 6-7 weeks age, their mother can teach them a lesson if they don't quite understand their mothers signals!

In the period from they are 4-8 weeks and till they leave us in the 8-9 weeks age, we make sure they get as many controlled and varied experiencies as possible. It is in this period we have "the open window" into the puppies mind. We have "strangers" to visit the puppies and we have children to visit them as well, and they hear alle the normal noises there is in a normal home (dishwasher, wacuumcleaner, mixer etc.), high and low noises, toys, with and without sound. They are outside, first in a "puppy playpen" - later, all over the garden :-) They are with us driven in a car and they are of course in hand as much as possible.

The abovestanding is of course only in short form, some of all the things that happens the first 8-9 weeks of the puppies life. Our puppybuyers is instructed to continue the very important socialising we have startet, when they have left home. It can be done by systematicly training, on puppy motivation courses or just going around with the puppy in the neighborhood, letting the puppy talk to everyone under controlled forms.