At Kennel Jackstars we place great emphasis to a correct exterior, social behavior and good mentality, both on our own dogs, but also on the males we are using in breed with our females. It was supposed to culminate in that the puppies that comes out of it, carries the right genes further, so we still have a good exterior, a good mentality and proper social behavior in the puppies.

Another and least equally important part of the breeding work is to insure, that the dogs we use in breeding and the puppies we breed, are healthy and robust. We are not interested in inadvertently to bring unwanted diseases further in the breed. We therefore provide that all dogs used for breeding at Kennel Jackstars, and that includes generally also males we use externally for breeding at our females, have been examined of:

* Patella Luxation (loose kneecaps)
* DNA tested and found free of Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)
* ECVO certificate issued of a specialist in eye diseases

Specifically about PLL, have a specialist vet in ophtalmology at Århus Animal Hospital, Claus Bundgaard Nielsen, written a detailed and very tecnical article about PLL.
There is of course a reason why we here in the kennel are screening for this disease. It is debilitating for the dogs that get the disease, and because there is an opportunity to eliminate the disease, it is, of course, what we are doing.
The article can be read right here, if you would like to have the issue exacerbated. Unfortunately it only avaiable in danish - but you can easily see the problem on the pictures!

All our dogs are also fully vaccinated for the most relevant diseases, including Rabies, because we often are abroad for shows and abroad it's a requirement. All vaccinations are of course maintaned continously through our vet. They are all also vaccinated against kennel cough, because we often are together with a lot of other dogs.

When the above is said, it's a fact, that the Jack Russell Terrier is a complete healthy and robust breed, that have no problems with the health. We research and test for the above mentioned diseases, to be sure that it will continue that way !

Kennel Jackstars have also chosen to have a vetenarian permanently attached to the kennel. It's important if we have an injury or if we have complications during a childbith, were experts are needed, that we know where we can get immidiately professionel help.
Help and guidance can also be achieved if we have questions about health, we not can find elsewhere. We are very satisfied with cooperation with Holstebro Dyreklinik. More information about the clinic can be reach by pressing the button Veterinarian.

If you have further questions about the health of Kennel Jackstars, you are always welcome to contact us.