13. May 2021

Once again another new movie of the puppies are added to the movie page. They are now 6 weeks old :-)

6. May 2021

New movie of the puppies are added to the movie page.

2. May 2021

New movie of the puppies are added to the site - go into the movie page and watch it :-) They are developing fast now.

25. April 2021

The first movie of the puppies are now added to the site. Go to the movie page and see the movie :-)

1. April 2021

Hodja's mating statistics updated.

3. January 2021

The site is now back to its normal look again after the Christmas and the New Years decorations - enjoy the site 2021:-)

3. December 2020

The pictures and the movies of Havana and Megan's 2020 litter are now removed. New will come of Megan's next litter medio 2021.

1. December 2020

And then the Christmas month began - and the site are updated for Christmas :-)

30. November 2020

Text added to Hodja's own page regarding his mental description.

18. November 2020

Finally we got hold on the rosette for Hodja's completed mental description :-) You can find it on his own pages - or you can see it right here.

7. October 2020

Hodja became the proud father of 8 puppies today :-) 4 females and 4 males. Mother and children are just fine. Hodja's own page are updated. You can see more there.

24. June 2020

Small changes in pictures under "Child and dog".

24. June 2020

New pictures of the dogs playground (and our garden) added to Presentation :-)

29. April 2020

Several small updates and changes.

14. April 2020

The absolute last movie of the puppies have been added to the movie page. All the puppies has now left us for their new homes, and what we get as feed back are very positive :-) The puppies and we, says thank you for now, regarding these two litters, and we hope you have enjoyed the show and the puppies developement :-)

7. April 2020

The puppypage are updated.

4. April 2020

New pictures of the puppies added to the puppypage.

1. April 2020

New movie of the puppies added to the movie page.

28. March 2020

New pictures of the puppies added to the puppypage.

26. March 2020

New movie of the puppies added to the movie page - now the puppies also are in the garden!

20. March 2020

New pictures and a movie of the puppies are added to the puppypage.

18. March 2020

In this boring corona time there some new pic and movies of the puppies on the movie page :-)

14. March 2020

New pictures of the puppies added to the puppypage.

13. March 2020

We have added another movie to the moviepage - go in and enjoy the show :-)

9. March 2020

We have added both new pictures and a little movie of the puppies to the site.

28. February 2020

New pictures of the puppies are added to the puppypage :-)

27. February 2020

All the puppies have found their new home.

22. February 2020

The first pictures of Havana's and Megan's litters are added to the puppy page.

14. February 2020

Havana have got 5 puppies 9. February - 4 males og 1 female, and Megan got 4 puppies 14. February - 1 male and 3 females. The birth went fine and everybody are in good shape :-)

18. January 2020

Now there are really good news - go into the site under "Puppies" and read more.... :-)

18. December 2019

Puppy information updated again - go the Puppy page and read all about it :-)

15. December 2019

Updated puppy information - go the Puppy page and read all about it :-)

4. December 2019

We can announce that both our females, Havana and Megan, have startet their season, respectively yesterday and today :-) We expect, due consideration to the mating time and the birth, that the puppies will be ready for their new home about the Easter 2020. You can read all about Havana and Megan, and of course our Hodja, who will be the father to both litters, on their own pages on the site.

18. November 2019

Hodja have been to a mental descriprion in Hedensted 26. October 2019 for breeds without a wish profile, which he succeded with no problems :-)You can see more on his own page.

25. October 2019

Megan have been to eye inquiry by Pia Bjerre (certificated to eye inquries by DKK) - result: ECVO certificate - Free :-)

7. October 2019

From the show in Rostock - you can see the results on Havana and Megan's own pages :-)

3. August 2019

We have been to a national show in Varde (DKK) - the last of the planned spring/summer shows. Again it went excellent :-) You can see Havana's and Megan's results on their own pages under the buttons "Megan show results" and "Havana's show results". We have really got more than expected, so now we take a break in the shows, and take a round more when we reach autumn :-)

22. juli 2019

3 days DTK show in Svendborg are now finished. As allways a nice show with good results for Kennel Jackstars. Megan got most out of it. Sunday she became Best Junior and became on the day DKK Junior Champion :-) At the same time she got her first adult certificate, so we had a good day.
Havana's best result were 4. Best Female Friday. It was her first show in the Champion Class. You can see all their results on their own pages.

9. July 2019

The girls new titel certificates are added to their pages :-)

8. July 2019

There have been a new show in Germany - this time in Hannover. Both Havana and Megan came home with new titles, and Havana are now also DEVDHCH and got her first CACIB. Go in to the site and see the results on their own pages.

27. June 2019

Champion diplomas added to Havana and Megan's own pages. Go in and have a look - they looks nice :-)

17. June 2019

We have been in Wartenburg DE, showing Megan and Havana - it was a destinctly good experience:-)) They switched the BOB title between them. Havana Saturday and Megan Sunday. Havana ara now both german Champion (DECH) and danish Champion (DKCH). Megan was in advance german junior Champion in VDH (DEVDHJCH) and now also german junior Champion in KFT (DEJCH).You can see all of it, incl. their BOB critics, on their own pages.

3. June 2019

We have again been to a show. This time in Erfurt, Thüringen, Germany. You can see the results of Megan and Havana on their pages :-)

27. May 2019

We have been to a DTK show in Hårlev. It went very fine. You can see the results of Megan and Havana on their pages :-)

10. May 2019

Megan's status of health has been added to her own page :-)

2. May 2019

Hodja has became the father of a nice litter :-) 5 pcs. in total, 1 male and 4 females. See also his puppy statistics on his own page.

1. May 2019

We have been to a show in Alsfeld, Germany, 27. and 28. April - both days with great results :-) Havana became best female both days with BOB the first day, and BOS the second day. Megan got a V2, and that's okay - she had a few days before the show chosen to hunt the goldfish!! Her coat were something you can see on an angry wildcat... You can, as usual, see their results on their own pages.

20. marts 2019

NEWS! Change of puppy status. We expect puppies earlier than first assumed. Press the button "Puppies" on the left side and read more :-)

18. March 2019

Havana and Megan's show data are updated after the show in Lehre, Germany. You can find it under their own pages :-)

26. February 2019

Chanel have reached her 10 years birthday :-) Se the birthday pictures on her own page with the birthday cake and and all the visitors of the day...