Can I have a Jack Russell Terrier...?

In the following you can find out if a Jack Russell Terrier is something for you. The purpose is not to "scare" you from choosing a Jack Russell Terrier, but to give you the opportunity to evaluate, if this kind of dog really is something for you.
The condition for a good relationship between dog and man is, that there must be a reasonable coincidence between the expectations you have to the dog and what the dog represents.
If you are honest to yourself, you will have a fine outcome of the rewiev and you will be more sure that your choice - regardless what it will be - are the right choice.

Facts about the Jack Russell Terrier:

It's easy to "guide" and train - and is very happy to work
It's originally a hunting dog and is still used, mostly driven hunt after deer, though
It's very good for tracking - e.g. Schweiss tracks
It's very well functioning as a familydog
It's weight is only 5-7 kg., but it can "fill" a lot more...
It's extremely fast as a grown up - even the young dogs run up the birds...
It jump without starting directly up on the garden table
It plays the whole life
It must be trimmed from time to time (several coat variations - smooth, broken and rough)
It's not agressiv
It's here and there and everywhere - and if you can't find it, it's probably laying taking a nap in best sofa of house
It adabts it's level of activity to the family level
It relates very strongly to it's family
It gives - and demands - unreserved love
It has no problem with other dogs
It can go with the family everywhere
It's good together with horses
It's incredibly charming - and it's born with that knowledge...

You can choose a Jack Russell Terrier if you:

Have learned what it is for a kind of dog you have fallen in love with
Have a lot of room - also in your heart (then it will be okay even if you only have a little garden)
Defenately have a big sence humor
Find activity and exercise fine
Wants to work a bit with the dog (it's easy to train and can learn meny tricks :-)
Are willing to experiences and a hole in the garden now and then...
Prioritize the dog in footing of the other members of the family
Never forget that it is a dog - with a dogs instincts and needs
Are certain that all members of the family agrees in the choice of the JRT
Are willing to use the time there is needed to stimulate the dog - every day!
Accept that there are expensives to have a dog (purchase, vet, food, care, insurance, equipment etc.)

You must not choose a Jack Russell Terrier if you:

Don't have room for it and don't like to walk the dog
Lives in a single room on the 10th. floor - without a balkony or elevator...
Do not like activity
Do not have any sence of humor
Do not have the time everyday to take care of the dog
Do not want to train or exercise just a little bit with the dog
Only want a dog because your neighbor have one...
Your wife/husband/boy or girlfriend/lover, don't like dogs
Are young and have 1000 other things in your mind
Do not want dogs in your house
Are allergic to dogs (or somebody in your family are allergic to dogs)
Have small children, maybee more than one (then you defenately do not have the time for a JRT)
Wont pay the prize to have a dog (purchase, vet, food, care, insurance, equipment etc.)
Are travelling a lot or in other ways not is home

Finally do yourself that favor, only to buy your JRT puppies from a recognized kennel under the Danish Kennel Klub with a DKK pedigree. Only here you will get the service and the garanties you as a puppy buyer is entitled to.

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